Sunday, February 29, 2004

More Biblical interpretation 

I love sarcasm. God hates Shrimp. I hope buffalo is ok

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This is why we need a third party 

If for no other reason than to provide some real parity, we need a third party. A potent Green Party candidate would help provide that.

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Here we go again 

Did we force Aristide out? Sounds like we may have had a hand in it.

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There are so many reasons to have lifted the sanctions against Libya....

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Friday, February 27, 2004


It's 60 degrees and sunny here. My motorcycle is sitting out in the parking lot. I am burned out and need a weekend. I want to be outside riding around. Instead I am here suffering, my productivity quickly waning. I will try to make it until 2. That is my revised goal.

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The Cubs' year? 

The Bartman ball has been destroyed. Good off-season moves have been made. Keep the faith! This is the year!

I hope

I wonder whatever happened to Bartman? I hope he is finally being ignored so he can get on with his life.

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More on the Cayenne 

Unfortunately, it seems the Cayenne performs pretty well as an off-road vehicle. I was hoping it would not actually have the features of an off-road vehicle.

But still, it's a pretentious buy. How many owners would brave non-paved roads, mud, or anything that might sully the appearance of their Cayenne? I would guess very few. It's about image, that's all, as with most SUVs.

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Porsche Cayenne 

Here is a nice 'review' on Porsche's "SUV". And no, it is not kind. Which is why I liked it

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How about this. Thanks to A. Sullivan, again. 

"On Dec. 12, 1912, Rep. Seaborn Roddenberry (R-Ga.) proposed this amendment to the Constitution: "Intermarriage between negros or persons of color and Caucasians ... within the United States ... is forever prohibited."

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

More FMA repercussions 

Check out Andrew Sullivan's blog, and read the entry entitled: "The FMA as a Trojan Horse", posted on 2/26/04.

The entry posts a letter from a republican lawyer who discusses possible additional repercussions of allowing the religious right to pass the anti-gay amendment. His main point is that it will affect heterosexuals as well as homosexuals. Why? Remember, the religious right is also against birth control and abortion. If they revise the Constitution to prohibit a person's relationship, then why not revise it to control other facets of peoples' personal lives?

Keep that in mind if you think the amendment is a good idea.

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Roe v. Wade in Trouble? 

South Dakota wants to challenge the law.

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Mad monopoly 

Seems Clear Channel has decided to 'crack down' on explicit djs and shows. Even Howard Stern has been pulled.

When is the FCC going to admit that CC is a monopoly and break it up?

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Bush on the Constitution 

Great political cartoon. If only it wasn't so close to the truth

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Screwed by politicians 

Seems some scientists are complaining because they are being told to approve food imports despite the fact that they have not been sufficiently tested and may not be safe for consumption. All to keep certain industries/countries happy. If this is true, it's frightening. Unfortunately it wouldn't surprise me very much.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I would love to be on an island right now. Or somewhere tropical. Not that I don't like it here, but the warm breezes, the sun, the water, the relaxation, maybe some island girls all sounds real nice right about now.

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Late night at work 

This is by far the latest I've worked in a while. And on Fat Tuesday no less! I am glad I have volleyball late tonight, because that way I can't go and have some beer until after, which means I might as well sit here and get some work done (and do some blogging). That's good because I am pretty swamped today. Better than having no work though.

I've discovered my new favorite work position-feet on my desk, keyboard in my lap, David Lee Murphy turned up loud, no one around. Good stuff

Although It'd be nicer to be at Swanky's with the guys drinking a head breaking PBR....

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More on the congo 

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New Israel/Palestinian Peace process? 

This is one hell of an interesting idea.

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Where's the parity? 

Rumsfeld goes to Uzbekistan and discussed setting up military staging areas there. No comment on their human rights abuses, inequality with women, etc. Makes you wonder? Not really. No one goes there, and there is no oil, so why try to fix in that country what we decry as foul play in others? Gotta love politicians.

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I don't even know what to say about this.

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Yes, I am bitter 

Too many deadlines in a week will do that to a person. At least I am taking it out blog-style instead of on my cat.

Oh wait. I don't have a cat. Better find one

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The Congo 

When was the last time we heard about the Congo on the evening news or near the front page of the newspaper? There's some grisly stuff going on down there.

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Chemically laced breast milk? 

This is scary. But we really have no need to stop polluting and clean up the environment, do we? And yes, that is sarcasm.

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Something different 

At least 300 people are feared dead in a Moroccan earthquake. That's scary stuff. I wonder when we will get another big one in this country?

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Ralph Nader 

If he was running with a political party instead of independent, I would support it. Unfortunately, I think he will take some needed votes away from the Dems, and he is not bringing any support for a third party (which we need in this country). So I am not sure what his game plan is? I agree with him that we need to shake things up and get some variety in our parties, but how is running independent accomplishing that?

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PC going away? 

I am all for tolerance and acceptance. However, it has seemed to me that oftentimes political correctness has gone too far and becomes excessive. And I've been waiting for the day that people would back off and not take stuff so seriously. It seems that day may be coming, but not how I expected or wanted it to.

First there was/is France. When we invaded Iraq, it not only became acceptable but almost necessary to bash the French. Ads, restaurants, actors, etc bashed the French, and all the old stereotypes and slurs surfaced anew on most everyone's lips. And this was ok. We branded all French people based on their govt's actions (even though most of us want other countries to see us as individuals, not as the people responsible for our govt's actions).

Now it's homosexuals. It once again ok to find their lifestyle unacceptable, and to want to deprive them of the rights that we "normal" people are entitled to.

It seems to me that too many people (being led by the President) want to make Christianity the universal religion for this country. What the hell? What happened to separation of church and state? And freedom of religion? It scares me that the national govt wants into our bedrooms. Isn't this another example of our individual liberties being trampled on? Hasn't most of the country been complaining about this since 9/11? Why is it ok now for some people to lose their rights?

I knew I wasn't going to vote for Bush in this election, and now he is more than sealing it for me. It's time for me to work against his re-election.

Hypocrisy is running rampant, and it's being ignored because the majority agrees with it. How much of a stink was raised over a big rock with the 10 commandments on it? These people demanded the right for this inanimate object to be in public view. Now these same people want to deprive their FELLOW humans (yes, homosexuals are human also, just like blacks, women, and all non-whites) of their basic rights, just because they are frightened of them. Frightened that what these people do in the privacy of their own homes will destroy their lives. For crap's sake, if these people would spend some time working on their own lives instead of trying to control others', maybe they could stop worrying about their marriages.

I'm having trouble handling all this. And I am not even gay! I feel bad for those that are, only because of how they are now being treated.

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Let me dwell some more 

If so many people are so concerned with the sanctity of marriage, and the strict interpretation of the Bible (as far as anti-homosexuality), then why not an amendment to prohibit divorce? Wouldn't that do more to protect marriage?

What the hell is happening in this country?

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Andrew Sullivan on Bush and gay marriage 

"WAR IS DECLARED: The president launched a war today against the civil rights of gay citizens and their families. And just as importantly, he launched a war to defile the most sacred document in the land. Rather than allow the contentious and difficult issue of equal marriage rights to be fought over in the states, rather than let politics and the law take their course, rather than keep the Constitution out of the culture wars, this president wants to drag the very founding document into his re-election campaign. He is proposing to remove civil rights from one group of American citizens - and do so in the Constitution itself. The message could not be plainer: these citizens do not fully belong in America. Their relationships must be stigmatized in the very Constitution itself. The document that should be uniting the country will now be used to divide it, to single out a group of people for discrimination itself, and to do so for narrow electoral purposes. Not since the horrifying legacy of Constitutional racial discrimination in this country has such a goal been even thought of, let alone pursued. Those of us who supported this president in 2000, who have backed him whole-heartedly during the war, who have endured scorn from our peers as a result, who trusted that this president was indeed a uniter rather than a divider, now know the truth. "

Scary thought, eh? Tolerance of differences has progressed tremendously in the past few decades and now the President himself is trying to bring it back. Terrifying.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Atkins popularity fading? 

Is this diet's popularity fading? I hope so. Here's an idea for a new diet: eat smaller portions, eat balanced meals, and exercise. Walk up the 2 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator. Park a little further away to get a little more walking in. Turn off the tv and go for a walk, or do some sit-ups while watching tv.

Let me temporarily lump this diet in with reality tv and say this: I can't wait for them to go away so I can hear about something, ANYthing else!

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The best commercials ever 

Go to: Quiznos website
Those are the best commercials ever.
"They've got a pepper bar!"

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Jesus against gay marriage? 

There is no record of Jesus condemning gay marriage. But there are passages where he forbids divorce. Why is that not being proposed as a Constitutional amendment?

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Friday, February 20, 2004

I've been told to say that Denver fans are not all that bad.... 

Based on the title of this entry, you would think I work for ESPN/Disney and have to kowtow to their views. But no, I don't.

I need to revise my Denver fan entry from the other day. A normally staid and level-headed co-worker of mine just came by to lambaste (isn’t that a great word?) me for lumping her (a Denver-ite) in with Yankees and Duke fans. After several minutes of yelling (during which I was pondering her initial ire at me), I came to the conclusion that she is right. Denver fans are different than Yankees/Duke fans. While the latter are insufferable, obnoxious, humorless (unless you are one of them) and malicious, Denver fans take their anger out on their team instead of non-supporters. In fact, while Y/D fans are painful to listen to, Denver fans are amusing. Booing your team for being in first place? That is just funny.

So let me apologize to the Denver fan(s) who read that blog. You are not as bad as Y/D fans. So keep it up, I will never object to a little extra humor during a game or having no crowd to contend with at the end of a game.

*One last disclaimer. I made vast use of generalizations here. There are D/Y fans who have a sense of humor and can be fun to watch a game with, just as there are Denver fans who aren’t so darn picky. And not all Chicago fans are still diehard-there are those who have tired of the endless losing, idiotic managerial moves, poor coaching, ungrateful owners, and as a result no longer support their teams. No, I’m not bitter. I mean really, whose brilliant idea was it to bring JOHN STARKS to the Bulls? The MOST hated man by Chicago to be playing in the NBA, and they brought him in? Then BJ Armstrong? And Scottie “Granddad” Pippen? Oof. Don’t even get me started on the Bears*

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And we thought cell phones were bad 

This is funny.

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Other cities/mayors supporting gay marriage 

Mayors around the country are voicing their support of San Francisco. Though he's not mentioned in this article, include Denver's Mayor Hickenlooper. That's just one more reason I'm glad I voted for him.

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Pesticide testing 

Seems a 'top panel of scientists' deems it ethical to test pesticides and pollutants on humans to determine whether or not environmental safety standards can be lowered. This panel of experts purports: "While volunteers would derive no benefit and some might incur transient harm, the panel of experts said this would be outweighed by societal benefits."

Now how do you get people to volunteer for this sort of thing? Perhaps the poor and homeless? Interesting.

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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Denver Fans 

I went to the Colorado Avalanche/Edmonton Oilers hockey game last night. In what was supposed to be an easy win for the division leading Avs, the Oilers came out slappin' and beat up on the Avs, winning 5-1. It was an ugly game. The Oilers looked really good-great defense, good passing and shooting. The Avs looked pretty bad. I don't know that much about hockey, but I know enough to recognize sloppy play when I see it. How did the 'die-hard' Avs fans react? They were booing before the first period was over. When Philippe Sauve was pulled, the crowd booed him and cheered when David Aebischer came out to replace him. There were more boos throughout the rest of the game. Actually, there weren't too many when the game was over because most of the crowd had already left. They began streaming out with 10-15 minutes left in the third period.

Things to note: This was Sauve's first loss in 9 games. Because of this loss, the Avs dropped in the rankings to a tie for FIRST with Detroit. I guess they are not allowed to have an off night for any of their 769 games in the season.

Another game of note, this time a NFL game. Somehow I managed to scam some tickets this past season for the Broncos/Chicago Bears game. Being from the Chicago area, I was pretty psyched to see my team play for once. Amazingly enough, the Bears (haven't won a Super Bowl since January 1986, haven't been to the SB since) won the game. Once again, there were boos from the home team fans and the stadium started clearing out long before the 4th quarter was close to being over. And against the Bears? How did these people not have faith that the Broncos could come back and win?

Spoiled. That's what these fans are. And fickle. Good lord, I don't know that I've ever seen fans like this. If their team doesn't win a title, it's not a good year. They are rabid fans, which is typically a good thing, except when it takes the slightest transgression to force an about face from supportive to hostile. I liken them to Yankees (and perhaps Duke) fans. No season is acceptable unless it's perfect. I love to hear them whine though. It really makes me laugh. "But we should have won! We're better!" Blah blah blah.

Today's article on ESPN's Page 2 by the Sports Guy, is hilarious. (Check him out. He's great, especially when he appears to be writing his columns drunk: see his Super Bowl blogs) He talks about all the emails he received after writing about the Patriot's Super Bowl win (he is a Pat's fan), and how Yankees fans have welcomed him to the fold of their idiotic expectations and (il)logic. Denver fans need to read that article, recognize themselves as an up and coming Yankees-type fan, and then get over it. Try being a Bears or Cubs fan! For you hockey fans-be a Blackhawk fan. That organization has done everything it can to ostracize the few loyals remaining. For example-you can watch an Avs game on tv in Denver without paying for it. Gotta pay for it in Chicago! Or try admitting allegiance to the Clippers or any team in Seattle! 'Fans' here know nothing about suffering! Actually, I will give credit to Nuggets fans. They have been a downtrodden lot, almost as masochistic as us Cubbies fans. Now it is paying off for them. I can hope, that the rest of these fans will suffer as some of the rest of us have. And don't say anything to me about losing 4 SB's. At least you were there.

For the rest of the country-just wait until people here convince John Elway to run for President. Now THAT will be an interesting/amusing election.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

More from the Onion 

I don't know ANYONE who's ever had a morning after quite like this....oh wait, maybe I do.

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I love the Onion 

Their spin on John Kerry....

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Denver weather 

You have to love the weather in this city. Contrary to popular opinion (outside of the state), winters here are pretty mild and nothing compared to say, the Midwest. It's sunny most of the time, and we have days like the last two where it gets pretty warm (60 yesterday, almost 70 today). Gave me a chance to get the motorcycle out and brave the gravel and idiot drivers on 2 wheels instead of 4. Good times! Tomorrow, however, it'll be back to cold and snow. I love it!

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Dubya on gay marriages 

He didn't answer directly when asked whether he is any closer to endorsing a constitutional ban on same-sex marriages, as conservative groups say the White House has assured them Bush will do.

"I strongly believe marriage should be defined as between a man and a woman," Bush said during an Oval Office session with Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. "I am troubled by activist judges who are defining marriage."

"People need to be involved in this decision," Bush said. "Marriage ought to be defined by the people not by the courts. And I'm watching it carefully."

I guess it's better to let the government into your bedroom than the courts? What the hell. For crap's sake, let people do what they will in their bedroom, and not discriminate against people whose bedroom practices "differ" from what some people consider acceptable.

This debate is really starting to bother me. People are different. I thought we were supposed to accept that. It was once believed that blacks were animals and not equal to whites. Why? Because white people decided they were right and better than blacks. That changed. Heterosexuals think they are better and right, and that homosexuals are wrong and unequal. When will some closed-minded people realize that homosexuals are no less a person and no less deserving of equal rights than heterosexuals?

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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Cloned human embryo 

Two South Korean scientists recently announced that they successfully cloned a human embryo and extracted a stem cell line from it. This is an interview with them, discussing the morality of cloning, their process, beliefs, etc. Very interesting.

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Wealthy Arabs supporting Bush 

Seems there are many wealthy Arabs donating ridiculous amounts of money to Bush (as most wealthy campaign contributors are wont to do). Many cite the Iraq/Hussein removal as a factor. Maybe oil wasn't the only reason for invading. It has, in a way, superseded their hesitant support for him due to the Patriot Act and apparent support of Israel instead of an unbiased approach to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Let me say once again how I think it's ridiculous that these politicians are allowed to raise so much money for their campaigns, leaving them indebted to their contributors in the future. I say cap it early at an amount that won't put the politicians in debt to their 'benefactors'. And if these 'philanthropists' really want to donate such large sums of money, they can donate to schools, homeless shelters, or any other cause that helps humanity instead of solely their own pocketbook.

But I digress

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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Al-qaeda letter 

This letter was most likely written by a top al-qaeda leader, and was sent to their operatives. An interesting and disturbing read.

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Big Wreck 

There it came. I'm not sure what lap it was. Took out several cars, Michael Waltrip going airborne and landed on his top. Nasty stuff, but it looks like everyone is fine.

I just downloaded Kriss Kross's Jump. Awesome! Haven't heard this song in a while. Brandon thinks I am "whack". Prompters!

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Turns out the photo of John Kerry with Jane Fonda at an anti-Vietnam rally was faked. Let me say once again, politics is such a slimy profession.

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Race start 

Interesting start to the race today. The volume was down so I wasn't sure what was going on, but during the pre-race they focused on a 747 flying into Daytona. I had a feeling it was Airforce 1, and I was right. Dubya made a visit to the track. It must be nice to be president. You get a free backstage pass into the coolest places! When you can find time when not running the country (question-during campaign season, do politicians really do any work? I am not sure they do). Why did he stop down there? It's election time! And the NASCAR dads are the new focus for these guys. Blatant suck-up act. We'll see what it does.

We're still on yellow. I'll make some coffee now. And look for more food. The grilled cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs I had for breakfast are wearing off. Maybe I have some tater tots....

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Redneck Sunday 

Today started off well. After a rowdy rehearsal dinner last night (that I left early because I was tired. Give me a break! I was up at 5am!), I slept in late and then read the paper while watching some pre-race fluff for the Daytona 500. As the race was starting, I got a bug in my ass to go get my motorcycle running. It's been months since I fired it up, so of course it barely cranked. I pulled the battery and it's charging now while the cycle sits in my driveway soaking up the warm winter sun (it's gotta be at least 50 or so outside).

I moved back in here to watch some of the race. To add to the redneck side of things, in a bit here I'm going to pull out my guns and clean then (which should have been done last summer. Oops)

Big wreck! Lap 60, there goes Rusty Wallace. Man, he's had a rough go at it for a while now. It could have been worse. A bunch of guys squeezed thru.

Anyway, it'll be a good day. And it will be finished off at tonight's wedding (Rebecca Robbins and Jeff Dimaio), which promises to be a bit crazy. Maybe I should take a nap today. We'll see. For now, it's NASCAR and blogging.

I need some coffee

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Friday, February 13, 2004

Bush proposes increase in funding to programs teaching only abstinence 

More on this later. Basically, despite studies that show the effectiveness of teaching birth control and condom use along with abstinence, Bush is proposing to double the funding to programs that prohibit discussion on birth control and condom use.

Isn't it nice when religion takes on greater importance than scientific studies and logic?

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New catchphrase 

There is a new demographic out there on whom politicians have started to focus. Nascar dads.

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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Bad behavior 

I have been trying to rid my head/chest of a cold for a week now. I was making good progress, then I happened. Last night was guys' night at the SKylark, a great bar on Broadway. Unfortunately, it's also real smoky. More unfortunately, my esteemed roommate decided that after behaving at the bar, we should continue drinking beer at home until 1am. The end result? All the nose juice I had has collected in the sinus on the right side of my head and is in the process of trying to evict my right eyeball from my skull.

Tell me that I'll get smarter one day?

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There is a god!  

First Beavis and Butthead discovered America. Then the small town of South Park in Colorado went to war with Canadia.

Now, it's Homer on the big screen!

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Barbie and Ken breaking up? 

What the hell is going on?

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Coke in India is not our Coke 

Consistent quality must not be something Coke strives for. Seems the Indian Parliament has banned the sale of Coke and Pepsi in their cafeterias because tests found high concentrations of pesticides and insecticides in the beverages. Hopefully they ban the sale in the country or else the companies get their heads out of their arses and correct the problem. Gotta love corporations, right?

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Amateur hour 

It snowed here in Denver yesterday, prompting a phenomenon I like to call Amateur Hour, named such because everyone on the road reverts to age 16 when they were novice drivers. It probably snowed a couple inches, depending on where in the metro area you were. As usual, this resulted in the standard reaction to inclement weather here-terror and poor driving. I know the perceived view of Denver is of cold and snowy winters. This is not true. When I moved here, I was told that Denver gets 300 days of sun a year. After living here for 5 years now, I would not doubt it. It's a hell of a change from the 900 days a year of grey back in the Midwest. But as I mentioned, there is a drawback. People here don't have any idea how to drive in the snow or rain.

To exacerbate the situation, drivers here are also scared of turns in the road. I have never seen such variances in driving speed as I have here. High speeds are maintained on straight sections, but as soon as a curve is detected, brakes are crushed until the curve is past and then the accelerator gets its turn on the floor. This is very much a state of extreme brake/gas usage. I am surprised more people don't suffer from whiplash from their own driving. But I digress. I was talking about snow driving.

Drivers do one of two things (for the most part. There is the rare accomplished driver that knows how to drive in snow): they either get terrified and drive so defensively that they are at risk of causing accidents, or they ignore the fact that there is snow on the ground and continue driving/weaving/hard braking and are at risk of causing accidents.

An example: I am in the mountains most weekends in the winter to get my needed dosage of skiing. In my trips up there, I've taken notice of the vehicles that slide off the road. Of all the cars you see in the ditches, a vast majority are SUVs. These brilliant people think that having a very heavy SUV will enable them to drive the same regardless of weather. Unfortunately, they find out the hard way that they don't have all wheel stop and they can have the rear end slide out on a curve just like any other vehicle.

The other extreme is the driver that sits hunched over the wheel looking like they are on the verge of having an embolism from fear. They not only drive slow, but are so engrossed in grasping their steering wheel that they are oblivious to the cars they cut off and veer into.

I, on the other hand, love driving in the snow (when no one else is around). Unfortunately, my car is front wheel drive and is not near as fun as the pick-up was. Further note: When I had my truck, I used the 4-wheel drive maybe twice when it snowed in town. Not quite the same as those who throw the 4x4 on at the first hint of snow and end up sliding thru stop signs and around corners. Makes me laugh

Speaking of snow, why can't I be skiing today instead of sitting in this cube/cage?

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More trouble for Kerry 

Maybe we should just accept the fact that men in power tend to use that power to their advantage, and they have extramarital affairs, often times with interns. How many presidents have had their women on the side? Have any not? We all act shocked and taken advantage of by these findings, but does the rest of the world have it right? Should we stop focusing on these trivial matters (they really are) and focus instead on their actions concerning the nation and the world? I think so.

How much time and money was spent hounding Clinton? What did it accomplish? It has now been revealed that Kennedy had many women on the side. Did their job performance suffer? I'm not sure it could be said that it did. Now Kerry may be out of the running for president because of an 'inappropriate' relationship. I think we need to loosen up and worry about other things. But that is me.

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Money Quote. (Thanks again Andrew Sullivan) 

"I know the pain of being less than equal and I cannot and will not impose that status on anyone else. I was but one generation removed from an existence in slavery. I could not in good conscience ever vote to send anyone to that place from which my family fled." - African-American state senator in Massachusetts, Diane Wilkerson, on why she supports equal marriage rights for all citizens.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Hank Williams 

The Ultimate Collection, a 2 cd set. Hell of a lot of good music. Check it out. Includes some Luke the Drifter songs.

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Bad news for Kerry 

A picture of Kerry with Jane Fonda, taken at an anti-Vietnam rally in 1970. Wow. Something like that may alienate a lot of voters. Talking with my Dad, a Vietnam Vet, his hatred for "Hanoi" Jane has not diminished over the years, and with many like him out there, Kerry's part end up biting him in the a*s.

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Human cloning 

The group Clonaid claims to have created their 6th cloned baby. Gee, if only this were true. I am sure if it is true, it'll make all those kids living in orphanages without a home feel great. I can't say I think there is anything redeemable in cloning humans just to give a couple/person a baby. How about adoption as opposed to playing god?

But then again, since Clonaid has provided no proof to lend validity to their claims, hopefully they are full of it.

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Gay marriage amendment 

Looks like Bush is still talking of supporting this idea. I'm sorry, but I just feel that this is going into mucky territory. We are telling people what they can and can't do in their personal like, essentially. When will premarital sex, birth control and eating meat on Fridays be forbidden?

I go back, again, to one of my bigger pet peeves in this country-lack of personal responsibility. One of the claims is that gay marriages will destroy the sanctity of marriage. Bollocks. People do that themselves. I'm sorry, but a gay union will NOT destroy a hetero-marriage. The sanctity of marriage is being destroyed by the ease of getting a divorce, infidelity (a 'romantic' idea put forth in movies, tv, books, etc), and a laxing of morals. Not by gay marriage. Why not ban swingers clubs? That doesn't help support the traditional idea of marriage. And porn? Let's go back to persecuting that.

I hope this amendment never gets on the books.

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Demonic possession? 

I blame the Mafia

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France is odd 

It seems marrying a corpse is ok in France. My question is, how do you get a divorce? Ultimately, his lack of communication, no physical intimacy (I hope), his financial drain on resources, and icy stare will get to be too much. But how does a corpse sign his name?

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Theory of Relativity 

Time is constant, isn't it? I have no formulas or physical proof to support my most recent theory, so if anyone else does let me know. Here it is: Tuesdays do not adhere to any of the rules set forth by Newton, Einstein, Darwin, or T. Robbins.

Time does not move on Tuesdays. I have been at work for 8 hours (according to my watch), but in reality I have been here for something more along the lines of 36 hours. Each minute has been like 3 hours, except when I was eating, then each minute was more like 15 minutes until my sammich was done then each minute was back up to an hour per.

Speaking thus, I am not sure I will last until it is time to go home. I may have reached the end of my natural life and will never again feel the sun on my face and the breeze in my carefully sculpted hair. Woe is me!

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Soccer in Mexico 

Soccer fans are nuts. I think this is a generally accepted fact. I think the Mexican fans are trying to take it up a notch. Their fans have been chanting: "Osama Osama" at the US players, bags of urine and bottles of beer have been tossed on the field, and players' effigies have been hung in the stands.

Why is this happening? Is it normal soccer fan behavior or more? Soccer has always been a big thing Mexico has held over the US, a source of great national pride, and now 5 of the last 7 times they've played, the US has won. Bitterness and jealousy? Could be. Either way, my desire to get to a soccer game in these huge soccer countries is continuously waning.

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Hank Williams III 

I'm listening to some of my Hank III cds. Awesome stuff. Makes me wish he was coming around here again. Because the 2 concerts of his I went to last week obviously weren't enough. It really is amazing how similar he sounds to his granddad. I guess Hank Jr is the oddball. Wonder if they talk at all (Junior and III). Alls I know is in the past year I saw them both play. Both incredible concerts.

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Is North Korea still not on the same level as Iraq? 

A North Korean refugee was grabbed by Chinese police, and with him he brought documents of civil rights abuses including gas chambers and prison camps. Couple this with the known famine, and admitted existence of nuclear weapons/capabilities, and North Korea sounds worse than Iraq was with Saddam. Kim Jong Il has indulged in harsh comments while disregarding threats and requests from the international community.

Yet we resort to diplomacy only. Unlike Iraq.

What is the difference? I don't know. I am confused. Don't worry though, I won't mention the 'O' word.

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Some anti-Bush 

I don't know much about Bill O'Reilly, yet, but I do know that he is a staunch republican who until now has professed his support of Dubya. Seems he's pulling that support back. Not a good sign for the politically minded pachyderms.

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Workplace romance 

England. Stuffy, uptight, overly moral, etc. I think it's fair enough that these are fairly common American stereotypes for the British.

Apparently not in the workplace. A study was done and they found out that 2/3 of their workers enjoy 'romance' in their workplace. That is not a bad perk to have. But surprise, surprise, their productivity suffers when they are entangled with a co-worker.

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The way fines should be 

In Finland, your traffic fines are determined based on your income and tax office data. As a result, a 27-year old heir to a sausage fortune was hit with a $217,000 speeding ticket. That cracks my sh*t up.

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'Another' lie in the Bible? 

Seems some scholars have doubts that the Three Wise Men that visited the baby Jesus were wise, and they may not have been men. The CHucrch of England has decided to just use the term Magi, and denote neither number or gender.

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My favorite TV show credits 

The beginning of the Drew Carey show (the original intro). The citizens of Cleveland round the corner and come bolting down the street, lead by Drew and Company. On the viewers right-hand side of the screen, Mr. Nigel Wick goes hurtling along, arms and legs flailing, mouth gaping (you can imagine the high pitched scream being jetisoned), looking out of control-yet sophisticated because of the suit.

It never fails to crack me up

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Monday, February 09, 2004

More sarcasm 

At least our elected leaders have ceased involving themselves in the futures of Latin American countries. It seems 10 companies are being 'punished' for doing business/promoting tourism in Cuba. I know we have decided that Castro is an evil man (when is our next Cuban invasion?) and that we must prevent any good from coming to that country, good that might give him a good name there (does he really have one?). Why not allow a little money to seep into that country. For once, it would be nice if officials would think about THE PEOPLE instead of themselves and their power struggle. But I feel that dream of mine will never be realized.

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More oil problems 

Looks like New Mexico is being dragged intot he anti-drilling crusade. Notice the collection of people against the drilling. It's a fairly comprehensive list-of the people who live in the area. Not that their opinion matters to the oilmen whom are so concerned about our welfare and not just money (yes, that is sarcastic).

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Back in the saddle 

It's been almost 60 years since a Japanese soldier was killed by or killed an enemy combatant. Though the Iraq war is 'over', they have now entered the fray.

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Just saw images of Hawaii on tv. Damn but I want to be there!

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Thursday, February 05, 2004

US image abroad 

(Note: Make sure not to miss the sarcasm in this paragraph) I can't believe that a study would show that the image of the US abroad has been hurt recently? So strange. Also hard to believe that it has been hurt the worst in Muslim country.

Well, a study has been done, and as suspected, it says that it will take a long while to repair our image.

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