Tuesday, February 24, 2004

PC going away? 

I am all for tolerance and acceptance. However, it has seemed to me that oftentimes political correctness has gone too far and becomes excessive. And I've been waiting for the day that people would back off and not take stuff so seriously. It seems that day may be coming, but not how I expected or wanted it to.

First there was/is France. When we invaded Iraq, it not only became acceptable but almost necessary to bash the French. Ads, restaurants, actors, etc bashed the French, and all the old stereotypes and slurs surfaced anew on most everyone's lips. And this was ok. We branded all French people based on their govt's actions (even though most of us want other countries to see us as individuals, not as the people responsible for our govt's actions).

Now it's homosexuals. It once again ok to find their lifestyle unacceptable, and to want to deprive them of the rights that we "normal" people are entitled to.

It seems to me that too many people (being led by the President) want to make Christianity the universal religion for this country. What the hell? What happened to separation of church and state? And freedom of religion? It scares me that the national govt wants into our bedrooms. Isn't this another example of our individual liberties being trampled on? Hasn't most of the country been complaining about this since 9/11? Why is it ok now for some people to lose their rights?

I knew I wasn't going to vote for Bush in this election, and now he is more than sealing it for me. It's time for me to work against his re-election.

Hypocrisy is running rampant, and it's being ignored because the majority agrees with it. How much of a stink was raised over a big rock with the 10 commandments on it? These people demanded the right for this inanimate object to be in public view. Now these same people want to deprive their FELLOW humans (yes, homosexuals are human also, just like blacks, women, and all non-whites) of their basic rights, just because they are frightened of them. Frightened that what these people do in the privacy of their own homes will destroy their lives. For crap's sake, if these people would spend some time working on their own lives instead of trying to control others', maybe they could stop worrying about their marriages.

I'm having trouble handling all this. And I am not even gay! I feel bad for those that are, only because of how they are now being treated.

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