Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Gay marriage amendment 

Looks like Bush is still talking of supporting this idea. I'm sorry, but I just feel that this is going into mucky territory. We are telling people what they can and can't do in their personal like, essentially. When will premarital sex, birth control and eating meat on Fridays be forbidden?

I go back, again, to one of my bigger pet peeves in this country-lack of personal responsibility. One of the claims is that gay marriages will destroy the sanctity of marriage. Bollocks. People do that themselves. I'm sorry, but a gay union will NOT destroy a hetero-marriage. The sanctity of marriage is being destroyed by the ease of getting a divorce, infidelity (a 'romantic' idea put forth in movies, tv, books, etc), and a laxing of morals. Not by gay marriage. Why not ban swingers clubs? That doesn't help support the traditional idea of marriage. And porn? Let's go back to persecuting that.

I hope this amendment never gets on the books.

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