Thursday, February 12, 2004

More trouble for Kerry 

Maybe we should just accept the fact that men in power tend to use that power to their advantage, and they have extramarital affairs, often times with interns. How many presidents have had their women on the side? Have any not? We all act shocked and taken advantage of by these findings, but does the rest of the world have it right? Should we stop focusing on these trivial matters (they really are) and focus instead on their actions concerning the nation and the world? I think so.

How much time and money was spent hounding Clinton? What did it accomplish? It has now been revealed that Kennedy had many women on the side. Did their job performance suffer? I'm not sure it could be said that it did. Now Kerry may be out of the running for president because of an 'inappropriate' relationship. I think we need to loosen up and worry about other things. But that is me.

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