Friday, February 20, 2004

I've been told to say that Denver fans are not all that bad.... 

Based on the title of this entry, you would think I work for ESPN/Disney and have to kowtow to their views. But no, I don't.

I need to revise my Denver fan entry from the other day. A normally staid and level-headed co-worker of mine just came by to lambaste (isn’t that a great word?) me for lumping her (a Denver-ite) in with Yankees and Duke fans. After several minutes of yelling (during which I was pondering her initial ire at me), I came to the conclusion that she is right. Denver fans are different than Yankees/Duke fans. While the latter are insufferable, obnoxious, humorless (unless you are one of them) and malicious, Denver fans take their anger out on their team instead of non-supporters. In fact, while Y/D fans are painful to listen to, Denver fans are amusing. Booing your team for being in first place? That is just funny.

So let me apologize to the Denver fan(s) who read that blog. You are not as bad as Y/D fans. So keep it up, I will never object to a little extra humor during a game or having no crowd to contend with at the end of a game.

*One last disclaimer. I made vast use of generalizations here. There are D/Y fans who have a sense of humor and can be fun to watch a game with, just as there are Denver fans who aren’t so darn picky. And not all Chicago fans are still diehard-there are those who have tired of the endless losing, idiotic managerial moves, poor coaching, ungrateful owners, and as a result no longer support their teams. No, I’m not bitter. I mean really, whose brilliant idea was it to bring JOHN STARKS to the Bulls? The MOST hated man by Chicago to be playing in the NBA, and they brought him in? Then BJ Armstrong? And Scottie “Granddad” Pippen? Oof. Don’t even get me started on the Bears*

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