Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Wealthy Arabs supporting Bush 

Seems there are many wealthy Arabs donating ridiculous amounts of money to Bush (as most wealthy campaign contributors are wont to do). Many cite the Iraq/Hussein removal as a factor. Maybe oil wasn't the only reason for invading. It has, in a way, superseded their hesitant support for him due to the Patriot Act and apparent support of Israel instead of an unbiased approach to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Let me say once again how I think it's ridiculous that these politicians are allowed to raise so much money for their campaigns, leaving them indebted to their contributors in the future. I say cap it early at an amount that won't put the politicians in debt to their 'benefactors'. And if these 'philanthropists' really want to donate such large sums of money, they can donate to schools, homeless shelters, or any other cause that helps humanity instead of solely their own pocketbook.

But I digress

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