Sunday, February 15, 2004

Race start 

Interesting start to the race today. The volume was down so I wasn't sure what was going on, but during the pre-race they focused on a 747 flying into Daytona. I had a feeling it was Airforce 1, and I was right. Dubya made a visit to the track. It must be nice to be president. You get a free backstage pass into the coolest places! When you can find time when not running the country (question-during campaign season, do politicians really do any work? I am not sure they do). Why did he stop down there? It's election time! And the NASCAR dads are the new focus for these guys. Blatant suck-up act. We'll see what it does.

We're still on yellow. I'll make some coffee now. And look for more food. The grilled cheese and 2 hard boiled eggs I had for breakfast are wearing off. Maybe I have some tater tots....

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