Sunday, February 15, 2004

Redneck Sunday 

Today started off well. After a rowdy rehearsal dinner last night (that I left early because I was tired. Give me a break! I was up at 5am!), I slept in late and then read the paper while watching some pre-race fluff for the Daytona 500. As the race was starting, I got a bug in my ass to go get my motorcycle running. It's been months since I fired it up, so of course it barely cranked. I pulled the battery and it's charging now while the cycle sits in my driveway soaking up the warm winter sun (it's gotta be at least 50 or so outside).

I moved back in here to watch some of the race. To add to the redneck side of things, in a bit here I'm going to pull out my guns and clean then (which should have been done last summer. Oops)

Big wreck! Lap 60, there goes Rusty Wallace. Man, he's had a rough go at it for a while now. It could have been worse. A bunch of guys squeezed thru.

Anyway, it'll be a good day. And it will be finished off at tonight's wedding (Rebecca Robbins and Jeff Dimaio), which promises to be a bit crazy. Maybe I should take a nap today. We'll see. For now, it's NASCAR and blogging.

I need some coffee

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