Saturday, October 27, 2007

Progress made 

For those not in the know, I have made a big step forward in life.
After some deliberation, much prodding, and a smattering of guilt at self-purported hypocrisy, I rid myself of my car. Actually, it's not been ridden yet, it's still in front of my house, but the papers have been sent off and I got the call yesterday for which I've been waiting. By the end of the coming week, the Gold Saturn should be gone from my life for good. A tad sad, as we've been through a lot. But it needed to be done. If one is going to promote a car-free lifestyle, one makes a much stronger case if one doesn't in fact own a car.

Not that I/we (carfreeportland.org) are promoting a dearth of cars on the planet, not at all. Just a reduced role for them to play in our lives. And I decided that it was time to pay the piper. To make that big leap. To...poop and get off the pot while eating my cake too.

I am now car-free!

To celebrate, I went out that afternoon and got myself a new ride. Not another car, but a companion bike for Seymour. A sexy black Raleigh single-speed/fixed-gear. She is the newest love of my life. In a manner of speaking.

Check her out. Ain't she fine?

Single Speed? You poor bastard! Can't you afford gears? I really, really hope Portland is flat.
As for me, I am sorry but I cannot support your cause. I am all for those city living people to turn in their cars, but I need mine for my 38 mile commute. As soon as the teleporter is invented I will get rid of it. So, with all your research, can you tell me if this is being worked on? Or is it up to some poor old schmuck that will end up becoming a fly? I have to think we have made some progress since the 80's.

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