Friday, August 24, 2007

11 hours of sleep = good 

Not only did I sleep for 11 hours, but I only woke up twice: once in the middle of the night at which time I had to remember where I was and where the bathroom was (found it, but not the light switch) and then this morning. Sleeping so soundly is pretty unheard of for me so I guess I was tired.

Right now I am drinking my second cup of coffee while looking out into the sunny backyard and ignoring the raucous cries of the rooster next door. Steph's cousin lives in a beautiful house in a great looking little country town (or so it appeared to my slepp deprived eyes last night). After breakfast we are going out on bicycles to explore a bit.

And, there is a plan! I think we'll grab a train in Budapest tonight that will get us into Sofia, Romania by tomorrow afternoon. Then a bus will whisk us to Istanbul in time for an evening with our host, and some prep time for the conference which begins Monday morning.

Time to eat.

Dude, maybe one more hour of sleep or maybe another cup of coffee:) Sofia is in BULGARIA. Michelle is asking how much more I am going to drink tonight, but with no real work 'till Monday, who knows >:) Have fun on the train, bus, or what Evr!(stick valley girl accent here). Have fun sacking the castle, oops they already did that.
So glad you are sleeping so much while some of us are are back hear dreading the return of work.
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