Monday, February 05, 2007

BBC NEWS | Business | Bush submits $2.9 trillion budget 

BBC NEWS | Business | Bush submits $2.9 trillion budget

It's all about priorities, right?

The 2008 budget also sets out plans to curb domestic spending, including $66bn savings over five years from Medicare.


As well as the cuts to Medicare - the health insurance program for 43 million retirees and disabled people - Mr Bush's proposed savings also include $12bn from reducing eligibility to Medicaid - a health program for children and the poor.


"My formula for a balanced budget reflects the priorities of our country at this moment in its history, protecting the homeland and fighting terrorism, keeping the economy strong with low taxes and keeping spending under control," Mr Bush said in a statement.

So, um, the priorities in the US lie not in being healthy, but to be protected from terrorists? I guess it's ok to die because you can't afford health care, but it's ok because that means you are not being killed by terrorists and haters of freedom! Which means the bad guys don't win....right?

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