Sunday, January 28, 2007

What a weekend 

Something is trying to tell me that I should not own any material goods. At least not anything worth anything.

The weekend went like this:

I spent most of it indoors and/or on my own getting some valuable Corey-time. Which sort of work except for intense mental distractions. But that is another subject. Friday night I explored the cause for my stereo's one speaker output. I feared speaker but I should have feared more. Seems it is most likely the stereo receiver. Not good.

Then the iPod. Oh man. That poor things seems to really be on its last legs. Again, not good.

But it goes on! I spent much of Saturday afternoon/evening giving Seymour (my bike, the Schwinn) a much needed cleaning. The little guy sparkles now (who knew I could be so detail oriented for so long in getting the ratty chain uncaked?) except for one problem: he only has one wheel. I put on a new rear tire (and tube), a new seat and a rear luggage rack. He's gleaming! And my old seat? A good decade old? The mount was pressed into the seat itself. A bit old, to be sure. Then problems arose. While the rear tire was mounted without issue, the front tire is giving me no end to consternation. I've popped 4 tubes now, tho I'm almost a pro at changing the damn things. I got a patching kit today and patched them all. Two attempts to have a workable tire resulted in blown patches and major frustration. I'm done for the night. I won't be riding to work, as badly as I want to try out the new tires and clean chain. It's gonna have to wait. "An evening with John Denver" and some wine are making it all better.

On a positive note, I built up a scratching post/tower for Marvin and tomorrow I'll put on his shelf/viewing platform. He loves the platform when it's on the coffee table so he'll have to adore it when it's up on high, right? He'd damn well better!

Work tomorrow. Crap. I need to plan a long vacation, an international excursion fraught with excitement and all that jazz. It's been too long! A year ago I was on my way back from Central America. Can you believe it?

If I haven't mentioned it, as of last Monday I am IN my 30s. Seems more affecting that actually hitting 30 last year. Odd.

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