Wednesday, December 13, 2006


But I'm alive. Spent last Friday evening until Monday afternoon in Denver. Whoa man. By the time I finally made it back to the apartment Monday night it was about 9pm and I was done both physically and mentally. Drained, that is.

Not only that, but I had: one pair of ripped and dirty jeans. A new pair of jeans that were recently dirtied, matching the dirty shirt and backpack. Scraped and bloodied hands and elbows, soon to be followed by sore knees, ankles and shoulders. One smashed wine goblet. An apartment full of hyper people and animals.

I crashed and ignored all the hyper critters around me, rude tho I was to some. It had to be done. There are some funny stories to be told but I am still too tired to get to them on here.

It was great seeing y'all who came out! If only the weekends didn't pass by so quickly.

Oh man, I want to tell and embellish some stories but my brain has been inoperable all day. I considered making some coffee, but aside from the fact that I am not supposed to drink much I had some earlier today and it made nary a dent in my lethargy. Tonight I'm even passing up an AmreiCorps graduation party that is only a 10-minute walk away! Lame, old or getting smarter I'm not sure which.

Back to the Nonexistent Knight

Do you have Bronchitis yet? Seems like the lack of sleep and excessive activity would lend itself perfectly to your annual illness. Just in case you are cussing me out right now, I am aware that I just jinxed you, so swear away.

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