Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New and exciting 

As I was walking to get yet another cup of tea early this afternoon I looked out towards Mount St Helens and noticed what looked like a plume of smoke rising upwards. There were no clouds nearby and I got excited. A search of the internet showed nothing too telling but it was agreed amongst my coworkers that gathered to look that it must be some sort of emittance. Cool! Not a bad view from right next to my cubicle.

Added to this fun was the earthquake drill we had to perform. This entailed getting under our desks for a minute. Calamity was narrowly avoided-I got so comfortable that I almost took a nap and stayed under there. No one would have seen! But alas, I crawled out. One of the girls here made a great observation as we all shook off our headrushes. Her faith in being protected from falling debris by desks supported against cubicle walls was/is less than complete. Which is to say nothing for the cube walls themselves (one of which she almost knocked to the ground when she hit it for dramatic emphasis). Good times, good times.

It's now 5pm. My desktop weather icon tells me that it's 34 degrees F and falling. The sun is gone, it's dark, and practice doesn't start for another hour and a half. It might be cold. Hopefully we don't hit any wandering ice bergs.

My hopes for a mid-week ski day have not died though due to recent developments at work they are being called into question. Bummer. A bunch of snow is supposed to fall before the weekend and I was/am hoping to get into some before the weekend crowds.

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