Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Genius. Pure genius 

Both of my classes are now finished. And I am relieved because now I have all sorts of free time! Hell, today I didn't leave the house until almost 7am and I should be home somewhere between 8 and 9, I hope. Oof

Gave my presentation for my alternative transportation class and, surprisingly, it went pretty well. In fact, technique-wise, I think it was probably one of the better speeches I've given.

I presented last. After two and a half hours of waiting and 12 other presentations. It was a long wait and gave me plenty of time to go thru the following progression:
ready to present; nervous; tired and nervous; tired.
Tired was when I got up and gave my spiel. My talking rate was probably pretty close to normal, no voice quavering (that I noticed) and nary an 'um' or 'er' was to be found amongst my jabber. Amazing, and a first!

On the walk back to work after class Jennifer and I stopped and got our ski passes. Upon checking my email back at work I opened an email from a buddy letting me know that the Meadows is opening this weekend, a week ahead of schedule! Granted I won't be around to enjoy it as I'll be in Denver but it was an exciting progression all the same.

Post-work I tilled our boat around in the dark under a beautiful cloud swept moon (without hitting anything ) before paddling for the second half of practice.

Somehow, despite operating on under 3 hours of sleep, I was still up reading until almost 1am. The irony of that is that I was doing my reading for our weekly "Voluntary Simplicity" discussion group. Heh. Simplifying my arse.

Did some networking at breakfast this morning, and my pipe dreaming is telling my fatigued brain that there is a possibility that I picked up some work, some of the career re-focusing work I've been hoping to find. But probably nothing will come of it.

I wonder if I'll be rested at all before getting on the plane Friday? It's not looking good so far but you never know. Hopefully I won't have to come into work Friday before heading to the aiport. That would wreak havoc upon the slow and restful morning I have been envisioning. But duty might call...blast!

Time to head over to the EWB meeting. Hopefully I can achieve some level of sociability, seeing as how this is a social gathering and not an official meeting. Come on, little cup of lukewarm coffee!! Work some magic!

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