Thursday, December 07, 2006

Engineers without Borders 

Our social gathering was fairly successful. The tally for the night was 30 people or so, and all seemed to have a good time. My time there was longer than I'd anticipated; after 10 minutes I had said nary a word and was preparing to find a way to wriggle out. But then some energy kicked in, some great conversations started up (politics, travel) and I was hooked. Before I knew it 8:00pm had arrived and I bolted.

Today I went to a great lunch presentation at the City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development. First of all, awesome building ("EcoTrust" building). Secondly, a great presentation all about how to get people to commute by ways other than singly occupancy vehicles and how we as sustainability professionals (I'm still a hack) can help increase non-drivership. And they gave us some good food.

Post-work I met up with my friend Steph (love!) for drinks and great catch-up conversation. Then we headed over to City Hall for BikeCraft, a bike themed craftish fair, with most offerings made with recycled material, many of those recycled bike parts. Good times. I love that City Hall opens up for the biker types, and kudos to Commissioner Sam for not only opening up his office, but hanging out and chatting with the crowd. Good times.

Now it's not even 11pm and I feel like it's 2am. Bummer. And I am not even packed! I was not able to get enough done at work today (because I left early) so I have to go in for a couple of hours tomorrow before heading out to Denver. Ah well. I'll get some sleep on the plane. Maybe.

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