Sunday, December 03, 2006


Most of today has been spent working on writing up a grant proposal for my alternative transportation class. Which is all well and good except for the frustration involved. I've never written up a grant proposal, no guidance was given in class on doing such a thing (although ONE example has been provided to us). For this mythical project we are supposed to have all sorts of tangibles and other whatnot crap. It doesn't help that I waited until almost the last minute to start, it doesn't help that I am more detail oriented at this stage in life which doesn't help the mandatory feely-ness of the project (I just want to design the damn thing!), and my complete lack of motivation does also not help.

So I sit here, cursing my computer and anxiously awaiting 8pm so that I can take a break and watch the Simpsons

As tho this weren't all fun enough, my right wrist is still hurting pretty good from my bike crash on Friday.

Yup, that's right, I finally laid the ole Schwinn (Seymour) down. Or to be more exact, the old Schwinn laid me down all across the pavement. Not in the street mind you, but in the general vicinity of mounds of goose poop and in front of a strolling couple who were kind enough to look shocked and concerned until I finished glaring at the bike in consternation and remounted, saying "oops" as I passed them at which point they let loose their guffaws. Rightly kind folks. As tho the humiliation (yeah, right) wasn't enough, my last pair of jeans without holes are now holed up. Since this happened on the way back from my lunch break I was able to spend the rest of the day at work with a right leg covered in crap and my knee making overtures at bursting forth from the pants. Classy. That's me.

Back to the wrist. Both my calves felt as though they had been kicked, I had a couple of scratches but not much else. Until Saturday morning. I woke up with an ailing wrist that I'd failed to notice the night before (thank you Mr Guinness) which came in handy at practice, the first practice in at least a month at which I paddled the entire time (due to an abundance of tillers my services were not needed in the back of the boat)

The water was damn cold, in case you were wondering. At least the sun was out making for a pretty day

Stupid project. I have until Tuesday to finish her up. Let's not think until later about the Thai that I haven't looked at in almost a week (last class is tomorrow night). Wooha!

January is going to be full of so much free time for me!

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