Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Life continues apace 

What a time was had last weekend! My word the muscles on my legs would be in recovery right now were it not for the large uphills I encountered coming to and from class tonight.

Friday night was a wonder. Happy hour was me and a couple guys from work. Months late having birthday beers with them, totally my fault. Hard to meet for happy hour when events make up virtually every afternoon/evening. No matter. Happy was fun and I returned home to a hot dinner. There was threat of wimping out, but me and Candace and her visiting friend headed off to Lola's at the Crystal Ballroom for an event the likes of which I've never seen, but will be seeing quite often in the future. Not only was this small bar/dance place playing 80s music, but they also had a huge screen playing the music videos! It was awesome! But wait, it gets better. The floor....it's springy! And if you remember dancing in the 80s (I don't really, but I'm extrapolating from the various 80s nights I've been to since that glorious decade thankfully ended) it involves lots of jumping and bouncing to and fro. The result of which was great fun. I have never danced so long and so hard in my life and my quads were left whimpering the entire next day. But what a time! A few other friends met up with us and we would have caused a ruckus but we were lost amongst all the other revelers.

Saturday was slower. Practice in the AM which was a bit interesting. The Willamette is flowing rather high and rapidly these days and we almost missed the entrance to the dock on the way back thanks to the fast moving current. But our hard paddling andf Kerry's expert tilling brought us, thankfully, out of the main body of the river and to the dock.

The Farmer's Market made much money off of us, as did the Saturday Market where I very quickly plowed thru a burrito and a falafel sandwich, and we returned home and now have a stocked fridge. Which is very exciting.

Nap. For 2 hours. That came next. And not much else.

On Sunday we headed into the Columbia River Gorge and went for a spectacular hike. The leaves were a medley of golden delights and if they were quavering in the trees they were lining the path in all their sprawling slickeryied glory. It was amazing. The waterfalls were not nearly low on water (thank you, Pine-damn-apple Express) and the paths were empty! A popular route close to the city and we passed less than a dozen people the entire hike. Bliss! It felt so good to get up into the trees and hike around. I need to do that more. Wise, I am, waiting for the rainy winter season to embark upon this. I never learn.

Today was a bit hectic as well. Had to do some work for a class presentation tomorrow and also study for my Thai class tonight. Which went much better than last week as I can identify a lot more symbols so reading is coming to me. I am actually learning! I think. Don't worry, I also got some work done. AND, I had a good talk with one of my bosses about changes I want to make in my career and different paths I want to go down. He is extremely supportive and with his guidance and help I think I can make it happen. Hopefully good things will be coming. Patience, I must remember patience...

The rain didn't really start today (when I was outside) until I headed off to class. No worries. I had my rain gear on and was feeling good. A nice hard ride up and over some decent hills and there I was. Leaving my wet clothes on the porch simplified getting settled into the tutors small living room, but putting the cold wet clothes and shoes back on made for a chilly ride home. Taking the hills by storm kept me warm and I think I made it back before a chill could set in. Yah!

Tomorrow will be another orgy of activity. I'm making up for lost time, it seems.

Our "Voluntary Simplicity" discussion group meets again this week and I have the readings done! They are quite nice and I am quite glad the group came together. Continuing to fill these groups will hopefully not be a problem.

One of these days, really soon, I need to update my links. There are so many good ones that must be shared....

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