Thursday, November 30, 2006

Late T-day wrap up 

It's true, Thanksgiving and the long weekend it accords, has come and gone a few days hence this one. And yet I've said nothing, loosed nothing from these finger tips as to what transpired out here in OR over that blessedly long weekend.


Not too much, really. My little sis and her husband came down for a visit and a friend of Candace's also came out. Which put 5 of us in the little apartment. It was cozy, for sure, and Marvin was somehow the only one I noticed going nuts from the lack of space.

Dinner was held here on Stark Street as our friends' house was not big enough for the 10 or so associated people we had backing us up. Cooking was a bit tough with so much to cook and so small a kitchen but we pulled it off. Despite the fact that this is a vegetarian house-hold we provided turkey for the meat-eaters among us (it was a chunk of pre-cooked turkey bought from the deli). Laughter reigned supreme while we ate, and somehow the conversation even took a raunchy turn as we lolled around with our fully ripened bellies.

But yet a change soon became necessary-we ran out of beer! This (and the continuing unpleasantness of overfull bellies) prompted us to get up and make the 20 minute walk over to J and H's house where the big ole' gang was gathered and welcomed us with open arms and shouting voices. Hooray for good fun!

Then we left and walked home. And slept.

The rest of the weekend involved lots of sleeping, more eating and good conversations. We headed out to the beach on Saturday and I should really download some of those pictures. I think I took some anyway. Let me go check...

And for the record, why is the week after a long weekend so darn painful? It doesn't seem right that I entered Monday more tired than when I left work the previous Wednesday afternoon. So it goes

Tomorrow is Friday

That is nice

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