Monday, November 06, 2006

Holy crap 

For those who may have known me during my scholastic years, you will understand the exhaustion I am experiencing right now. Tonight my Thai classes began. That is why I am so tired.

It has nothing to do with the fasting I had to do last night before getting blood drawn this morning to check for lowered (we hope!) cholesterol. Nor is it related to the bike ride to work after losing this blood, the long hectic day of work, the inability to get hydrated, not eating dinner until 9pm, or the long bike ride to class in the rain. No. Well, ok maybe some of that factors in, but not the bulk of it.

This exhaustion stems from the intense 2-hour class. Holy shite did she expect me to know more than I do! Reading Thai is not that easy, especially when you don't know all the 44 consonants and 32 vowels! Nor when you don't speak any Thai. I spent 2 hours struggling to keep up and wishing I had done a little more prep work (as semi-instructed). Not only that, but I was the only one there learning. Unlike most of my time in classes, I could not hide in the back and attempt to be invisible. Oh no, I had no down time and no break. An intense learning experience this most certainly is.

The rest of my day was nice. Rain has come to Portland and has not slowed much all day. No matter, it was a beautiful day! It may be raining but it's warm (at least until the sun goes down. Then when you ride home wet, in the dark, with an empty stomach and assailed brain it gets chilly). Riding was awesome! On my way from work to home to class I played in and around traffic with my partially effective rear brakes (the fronts are still disconnected) occasionally slowing me down. Puddles reigned supreme and I ended up going thru one that reached up and over my feet! Cars were having trouble slogging thru this puddle so I mounted the curb and raced ahead of them. I tell ya, rain coming to Portland is almost as bad as snow hitting Denver. Only with traffic slowed and clueless rather than maintaining speed and crashing/ sliding into the ditches.

And I just finished filling in my ballot! Did everyone vote?

Marvin was pissed at my being gone all day. He's sulking on top of the power cord for my laptop and facing the other way. Silly feline. He can pout all he wants. I'm going to make some more food.

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