Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wise words 

Fog blanketed the Willamette River this morning, the cool air refreshing and invigorating as we plied the river with our dragon boat paddles. I spent the first half of practice standing astride the main beam of the boat, the till in my chilled left hand, my bare legs impervious to the chilly morning air (thank you, layer upon layer of hair), playing leapfrog with the tiller in our (The Castaways) second boat.

The second half of practice I paddled and Steph took over at the till. I missed a comment she made while we paddled but it was repeated to me by a paddler in the other boat (how I didn't hear it from 3 benches away when someone in the other boat heard I have no idea) and I have to say, it was genius in a way. And perhaps a reason I felt so elated this morning? Here it is (in my paraphrasing):

"I may not have control of my life, but I have control of this boat!"

Something is better than nothing, right?

awww shucks. actually, i said it while in line to receive coffee communion. and reading your last comment about Ticketmaster, i realize i totally owe you (in addition to bailing last night, oh gosh)!! how may i atone?
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