Thursday, October 26, 2006

The weekend is almost here 

Tomorrow I get to spend half of the day in a green building workshop. This will be a nice change from the spreadsheet filled days I've been having. I'm not exactly sure what to expect out of this workshop, but it will be all sorts of stuff I know nothing about, yet, which is cool. Hopefully I am able to charge this time. The department manager was not consulted yet but I am sure...I hope...that she'll be accomodating?

This looks to be a very busy weekend. Tomorrow night a friend is having a mexican food/pumpkin carving session at her house. Friday is a Murder Ballads concert (I'd explain, but I don't as of yet know how to explain it) and Saturday will be a debauched evening with the Yamilly at their Halloween party. Someday soon I need to come up with a costume. I'd like to go as Ron Burgandy, but parting with hard-earned cash for a suit I probably couldn't find anyway sounds misery inducing. The mustache is coming in well, tho it's hidden inside a beard that will disappear at some point over this weekend.

I found out last night that if you take a dragon boat and spin it in a circle (as the tiller) during a pause in practice that certain types get cranky. Which only makes the spinners laugh that much more. It's true, I'm learning the fine art of tilling and it's pretty darn fun. There have been no crashes during my watch, yet, and my docking skills have turned out (the twice I've guided the boat into the harbor) to be half way decent. Saturday morning, if I make it to practice (not easy. Who wants to be out and about at 9am on a Saturday?), I'll do the leaving dock duties. Should be exciting.

Hopefully next year I'll be on boats (paddling, tilling or any role I can find) on Hawaii and China. Don't worry, I'll take pictures. Or not. I might be busy paddling. Or scooting off to climes of excitement and intrigue that will join the annals of other adventures I can't relate electronically.

Time to read. A new book. Which one I can't decide. Too many choices!

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