Tuesday, October 17, 2006


That is me. The last time I posted on here was way too long ago. Again.

What has been happening? A lot. Let's run through a quick list.

I signed up for 2 college courses. An bicycle and pedestrian planning/design class, and international politics. I dropped the IP after the first class. This was quite unfortunate as it looked fascinating. I bought the book thinking I'd go back and ended up keeping it, my intent being to follow along with the assigned readings. Good thing I dropped, as I've not opened it for weeks. The bike/ped class is pretty rad and I'm starting to get into it. The teacher is very pro-bike/ped and anti-car. Which is fine, but she and one of the guest lecturers do not think very highly of traffic engineers-a title once bestowed on me. Now I'm more of a planner so it's ok, but the vitriol was amazing! I wondered if there was an event in their past leading them to such animosity-a spurned lover, ticket for running a red light or an inability to make it as a traffic engineer? The world is my oyster.

My involvement in groups indirectly related to work has blossomed like never before: Engineers without Borders; The Oregon Natural Step; (soon) The Northwest Earth Institute; Institute of Transportation Engineers; and to add to the fun, me and the girl next to me are starting up our own group at work. A sort of future leaders/idea exchange/relationship development, etc etc. It is going to be great (and funded. We hope). I think those are all the groups I'm getting into? Not to mention the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and a desire to hang more with the SHIFTYs.

Our dragon boat racing season is over. We whomped all over San Francisco a few weeks ago, taking first place in our division. Now we are out to garner sponsorship and get to China and Hawaii to do some racing. I'll send a postcard.

I am now a Reverend. My ploy to change my nickname to 'The Rev' isn't taking hold like I had hoped.

My little sister married a great guy the other weekend. It was a gala affair with the entire family minus the Little Bro who could not get away from work/tour in order to make it. He was missed. We had a great time. The wedding was performed on a small electric boat out in the middle of the bay (you picked a great spot, Dad), out in the sun, no other boats around, Mt Rainier in the background....good times.

What else have I been doing? Some frisbee golf. Sucking up any free time to be gleaned from Steph and Nicole.....playing with Marvin....huh. What else?

I've felt free-time less for months now. Which is nice, but tiring.

Oh yeah. I start Thai language lessons the first week of November. I already have homework!! Tomorrow I need to call the tutor from work and read the 44 Thai consonants to her so that she can gauge where I'm at and how to set up a curriculum. Crazy, but exciting.

My car hasn't moved more than once a week for months.

Ski season is quickly approaching and I need to get my pass!

Crows pecked out a pigeons eyes while squirrels chittered overhead

That'll do 'er for now.

Please, C-Note, keep up on the blog! Don't leave us hanging! Come back with more stories and funny blurbs!

Ok. I'll try

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