Sunday, October 29, 2006

I made a great Ron 

There was a party last night. In it there was beer, a dancing slug, snacky foods and lots of random people.

My contribution to the party, aside from my Presence, was my stereo which helped pump out the tunes for the dancing revelry (in which I include myself). Unfortunately, Guns n Roses came on. The heavy mound of mump at the end of my neck has been wobbly all day today as a result of the head banging that ensued. Oops. A good time was had by all and no one was arrested as far as I know.

Friday night was an interesting one. Seymour the Schwinn and I pedaled furiously (is there any other way?) to a concert venue a couple miles from home for 3.5 hours of Murder Ballads. Bluegrassy sorta stuff. It was a great time, tho 3.5 hours was long. And that wasn't even the whole show; we left early! Egad!

Work comes tomorrow. And I still need a costume for work on Tuesday....the one I wore last night won't work. A tribute to Will Ferrell's brilliant comedy "Anchorman" was my inspiration. Red pants, an unbuttoned shirt, beard and carton of milk made up my costume. I was rad.

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