Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Busy day 

It started out with me sleeping in. I know that may not sound busy, but when you wake up irritated from funky dreams, with a ball of fur splayed out (in constantly shifting variations of repose) across your head, neck or face, and worked up at all the day holds....it can be hard to go back to sleep! But I managed.

And, I managed to ride to work (bicycle) without freezing (I apparently refuse to acknowledge the fact that it is definitely not warm when I ride to work. Or home, after dark.) and without being wrecked.

My Thai consonant recitation received high marks from my future tutor (she is good. I have homework and studying to do and the classes don't start for over 2 weeks!); the Hybrid ride up to Vancouver, WA was flawless, as was the meeting I had there (the only negative was the chat I had with a coworker I've talked very little to; she enjoyed the tales to travel with which I regaled her. She is from Kashmir and made the unfortunate decision of moving to CO Springs right from India. The poor girl. I am sure she was readily accepted into their culture. Or she would have been had she agreed to their terms (white, Christian, God/Repub/military loving, and subservient to her husband). Oops. My point is, our chat forced me to think about travel and how wonderful it is. Dang! And I was doing so well!

Class was entertaining (cars = evil; bicycles = god-like), before which I mailed off 2 packages.

Practice was good (amazing how eating something filling beforehand provides energy. Stupid high cholesterol diet. Had me a damn Clif bar before practice [not acceptable], and found myself with more energy than I've felt in a while) as was dinner at home with a kitty mangling my toes.

Now I sit here broken livered, had to quench and finally started.

Don't forget. Beware the ides of March.

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