Thursday, October 19, 2006

Almost runned over 

Today dawned gray and wet and chilly. Donning my best black gear, I headed out onto the road to make my way to work. A nice section of my ride to work is downhill. I use this time of ease to sit back on my laurels and let my legs do the steering while the wind and rain whip me across the side of the head.

Heading down this hill I pass thru 2 traffic circles. The sidestreet has a stop sign but my route does not. Some dude this morning in an F350 decided to pull out on my left from this side street and look me in the eye as he slowly pulled around in front of me to complete his left turn. I shouted a thing or two that were, perhaps, less than complimentary about him, his truck and his apparent lack of driving proficiency. More eye contact was made in his rear view and in side mirrors the size of the full length mirror in my closet. Again, no visible reaction aside from indifference. Thank goodness I trust nary a soul on the road. And more thankfully at least my brakes worked well enough to stop me in time (tho the masochist in me wished they hadn't so that I could have left a dent in the side of his truck. Not that he would have noticed me hitting him).

As he pulled out onto a more major street the *dummy* cut off some cars.

I tell ya.

On a funny driving note, I saw Talladega Nights last Sunday night. Good god it was funny! You have to give props to a man (Will Ferrell) who somehow finds a way to run around naked or in dumpy tighty whities in most of his movies. Impressive. And not altogether aesthetically pleasing.

My bed might be calling. Or my book? Who's to say?

let us prowl like cats for this bastard of a truckmonster. he must be stopped. oh yes, and stopped he shall be . . .
i would wager on bed. the book will forgive you, but Marvin?
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