Thursday, August 24, 2006

What to do, what to do 

Irving Welsh is down at Powell's tonight. Shall I venture over there (which also means an additional book or 3 will accompany me on my bike ride home) after practice (to which I must rush momentarily) or would I be better served in heading to the local pub with my team for a frosty beverage and interpersonal communication/contact? Hm. Woe is me! The decisions I need to make in life!

Talk this past week has revolved in elliptical manner around my having to work greater than my previously apportioned hours in order to make impending dead lines. Shall I respond: a lack of planning on your part does not make an emergency for me? No, that would be silly. The gentleman with whom I am working might giggle a little, but then again he might not. And as he's larger than I am, perhaps it's in my best interests to leave the smart-ass under lock and key. For now

Perhaps I'll work more. My plan is to shift work from another project onto someone else, which I seem to be accomplishing, mainly due to the vague deadline sometime next year for that project as opposed to the mid-Sept and mid-Nov deadlines I am now facing. Curses! I suppose this had to happen at some point, eh? At least I've learned to not get worked up, and as of yet am not feeling the pressure looming over me.

This weekend needs to be a time to recharge, re-evaluate (yet again), make lists, do some reading and learning, perhaps a little sleeping.....boodie.

That will have to wait. It's not the weekend yet. It's time for me to go and ply the dirty waters of the Mighty Willamette with my team.


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