Monday, August 21, 2006

tired and lame 

I have been reminded, once again, that I have been remiss in my blogging duties. As such, I will force my enfeebled mind to jot out something relevant to life these days.

Busy; that says most of it. This past weekend I was up in Victoria, British Columbia for some dragon boat racing. It was awesome! A neat (and little strange) little town that was invaded by over 100 teams competing for....little medals apparently. We didn't take one home (I wrestled some dude for his on the ferry back to the States, but since his arms were the size of me, he simply laughed and tossed me into a life boat), but we did place something like 27th overall (second in our division). Not too shabby at all. It was a lot of fun. Racers are all pretty friendly, and most people are out to have a good time before, after and during the races. It was a long weekend tho. A 4.5 hour drive to a 90 minutes ferry ride. I made the drive back in 4 hours, but I still didn't get home until after 3am, which was rough in and of itself, and more so if you consider the 2 days in the sun, the lack of sleep the night before, a post-race Guinness and overall fatigue. I didn't actually get into bed until 430, asleep around 5, and I made it about an hour before the cat started harassing me. Around 630 he was booted from the room. The pounce onto my nose did him in. I made it to work and got a bunch done but was home by 330pm and ended up finding a 2-hour nap. Right now I'm in a coffee shop drinking coffee and interneting. I shouldn'ta bragged about free wireless access at home, because it moved out a week ago. Blast!

Right now I'm debating what classes to take this fall. I'm signed up for an urban planning class, and I think I just decided to forego Accounting 3 until winter so that I can take spanish this fall and not die from exertion and overwroughtness.

Not too much else noteworthy is transpiring. My brain is weak right now and I need to sleep. but it is not yet time

A night of beer and SCTV (and Strange Brew, if there is time) was planned, tho a night has not been picked. Scrabble and lunch will happen this week. Some friends are jamming open mic night Wednesday, potluck maybe Friday (and/or happy hour), practice twice or 3 times and a grocery trip must happen.

All in all, FSM help me and grant me the strength to carry on with purpose and meaning.

If only today were Friday....next weekend is going to be a weekend of relaxation. In theory. Practice may not realize this, but that has yet to be determined


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