Saturday, August 26, 2006


My iPod keeps freezing up and acting wacky. Yesterday I thought I'd lost all my music, which would have been disatrous, as most of the tunes I have came from my brother's computer, which is somewhere....not here.

It's a beautiful and hot day here in Portland. A great day to sit in a coffee shop and drink a hot coffee? Perhaps not, but that's what I am doing. Organizing, prioritizing, being productive. More or less

Yesterday afternoon I spent almost 2 hours in Pioneer Square arguing with a young lass over politics. It was awesome! She was with some group whose ideals are...I'm not sure. All I am really sure of is that they love technology and think it is the cure for all the world's ills, saviour for this world of ours which is going to shite, and that all deserts should be developed and that it is our RIGHT to completely over-run the world with our species (overpopulation is a myth, you see. As long as we know the secrets of the universe then we are fine. Makes sense, right? I have no idea what that line of thought was supposed to mean). Crazy talk. It was a fun debate, despite the fact that many rebuttals to my comments involved skewing the subject over to another barely related topic. I may be getting a call later in the month to resume the discussion. I need to study up some more. Fun times; I was in the mood for a good debate. All other passers-by either continued on their way or paused for no more than a few minutes. I was in it for the long haul. Good times. Who won? Hehe. No one. I did hop around a few times. That was fun. One time in particular was when these 2 girls told me that it made perfect sense to build a pipeline from Canada to Mexico to bring them fresh water (greening up the deserts of the SW along the way), as that water is going to waste right now because all it does it go into the ocean! Imagine! The nerve of our species wasting water! Also, they said southern California makes perfect sense, and I was told that there IS no shortage of water in the world, especially not anywhere in the US. Amazing. I asked this girl if she'd ever lived in the SW, in or near desert country. Her response? "No. I wouldn't want to". Um....

Friends are good. Money magazine (of all sources) reported back on studies showing that money does not in fact breed happiness (...) but that friends are a huge source of that feeling. Yupper. So get away from the tv, go hang out. In fact, have a pot luck dinner! I've been to more pot lucks since moving out here than I've probably been to in life previously. They are a great way to dispense the effort and costs of a nice dinner and it's a great communal thing. Last night we hung out on the second floor deck of some friends' place and had mole, margaritas and enjoyed the perfect night weather. Great time.

Back to work

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