Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More ugh 

I don't feel like typing out the entire article, and I don't feel like looking for it on the web (couldn't post it anyway, as I'm sure you need to be a subscriber or something). But, the NYT had an article entitled: "US Says It Is Prepared For Transition in Cuba"

Lots of plans are in place to assist the transition from Castro to democracy. The US has, and I am sure continues to support and fund pro-democracy in Cuba groups. The State Department 2 weeks ago accounced that $80 million over 2 years will be provided to help with a post-Castro transition. Isn't that nice?

Yet later in the article, was this passage:

The Bush administration said it viewed attempts by Venezuela or other countries to influence the transition in Cuba as unwarranted intervention. "The President is worried about people in the neighborhood who seek to destabilize neighbors using economic of other means," Mr. Snow said.

Um, we are in the neighborhood and have tried to destabilize neighbors and other countries (USSR) using economic means (embargo). And, is it feasible that we might use a New Cuba to ward off and perhaps, destabilize, threats in other neighbors (Venezuela?).

Someone should give copies of this stuff to our "leaders" and then highlight, physically point out, and explain in small words the ridiculous hypocrisy in their words and actions. Unbelievable.

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