Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Castro handover tests Cuban succession plan - Yahoo! News 

Castro handover tests Cuban succession plan - Yahoo! News

A passage:

The United States has a detailed plan for how to help Cuba move toward democracy and a free-market economy post-Castro.

But U.S. officials were not surprised a transition was developing as the Cuba government planned, rather than according to the American playbook.

"It's no surprise that we remain standing by," said a senior State Department official, who asked not to be named because his comments went beyond the U.S. public response to Castro's surgery.

Hm, maybe they are not playing by our playbook because they are not a part of the US!! (Yet)

I would like to know why the US govt has plans for another country's development (one that we are not at war with). Do we have plans to "help" Mexico or England or Russia? Why do we already have a plan in place to meddle in Cuba? Ah yes....Miami.....(political power?).

Does this not seem idiotic? What if we found out that Chavez has a plan to "help" the US become all that it can be once Dubya's reign is over? Would we accept that? Of course not! Double standard, hypocrisy...gotta love it.

However, I think my favorite quote came at the end of the above article:

"We can't activate our plan while a dictator is imposing a dictatorship on the Cuban people. You cannot impose democracy," he added.

Really? How many countries are we trying to force into a democracy right now? How many times did we attempt (fail) to impose democracies all over Latin America (Cuba included)?


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