Thursday, July 20, 2006

When a cute kitty is no longer cute 

The cute kitty begins to lose his cuteness early in the AM when sleep is being reattempted against all odds (alarm clock, work, headache I blame on dirty taps, no bike to ride to work...) and he randomly attacks various sheet/blanket (we haven't gotten the heat wave here yet) covered body parts.

When the attacks become focused on the crotch, all cuteness is gone and crazy Marvin gets tumbled to the floor.

And I give up on sleep. Blast!

Despite the fatigue, I've not strayed beyond 2 cups of cafe today. Not yet anyway.

Last night was productive. Took a mid-term, learned some new spanish twists, took a nap and make it to the Horse Brass to quaff a couple for a buddy's birthday.

During the quaffing, I learned that one of the girls celebrating with us is heading to Breckenridge this year to teach skiing. Despite my best efforts to change her mind, she still plans on going. Not that I was trying to talk her out of CO, not at all. Only out of Breck. Pisser. She said she'd always wanted to be a ski bum for a season or more. I just want to ski again!!

Plans are being hatched to rent out a condo for part of ski season. Let the zanity start!

Something slipped a bit...but caught again. Perhaps if I jar my head it'll let loose?

Might be starting a fund raiser soon. I'll keep you posted.

Sizzle-fess up you rotten bastard!!!

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