Thursday, July 27, 2006

Portland amuses me 

Tonight's event was a mural opening/pot luck. A couple friends were instrumental in planning, designing etc etc a mural whose theme is "Share the Road". It's a large mural on the side of an auto repair shop on a major road. A great work of art, and a great message (stop running people over! The road isn't just for cars! Nor is it just for bikers...). There was a laptop showing a slide show of the work as it progressed, food, live music, bicycle awareness handouts, the whole shebang.

As the site is on a major street, there are many passersby. Including the jamaican talking dude who was mucky muck on something. The entire hour or so he was there, he was shouting. To no one in particular, but to everyone (it's nice when people are totally inclusive, no?). About the pretty painting, how his name is JoJo, does anyone want a picture with JoJo, etc. His shouting continued (with brief pauses) as those involved in the project spoke a bit.

He was obnoxious, to be sure.

The best part? He was ignored, and only barely humored by a few. To the rest he was just one of the passing crazies.

Another day in SE Portland! I love it!

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