Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pick me up 

Tired, that is me today. One day I should try going to bed earlier. Got to reading, then studying, then more reading (Cancer Ward is getting better as it goes on. And since it's so damn hot lately, it's nice to read about frigid places) and by 2 I got in bed and almost got up right away to continue the reading. Instead, I stayed in place and eventually passed into unconsciousness (I skipped the ramen as well)

Bottom line, not awake today. I am sure staring at spreadsheets all day will wake me up eventually, but for now I have coffee and...Billy Ocean trying to bully someone into getting out of his dreams and into his car. Of course this brings back memories of the movie "License to Drive" and the Corey-duo. Good times.

Could be a long day. Tonight is a "Share-the-Road" mural opening (some friends painted one) and potluck. Aw, hell. And after I'm supposed to meet up for drinks. Another darn birthday! And the bike comes home from the doc today. That will be nice. I miss Seymour!

BRS-you suck

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