Friday, July 28, 2006

One more reason to love Vegas 

Las Vegas has made it illegal to feed homeless people in city parks after residents complained about the large numbers gathering in the public facilities.

Public facilities


The law defines a homeless person as someone "whom a reasonable ordinary person would believe to be entitled to apply for or receive assistance".

Allen Lichtenstein, a lawyer with the American civil liberties union of Nevada, said the language makes the law unenforceable.

He said: "The ordinance is clearly unconstitutional and nonsensical.

"How are you going to know without a financial statement who's poor and who's not poor?

"It means they can discriminate based on the way people look."

Ahh! Love for our fellow man! Don't you love the compassion that permeates the air?

The news is filled with such wonderful things!

I should look a bit more into this story, but I don't have the guts for it today.

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