Thursday, July 20, 2006

My arms are so tired I can't lift them 

Perhaps they are not quite that heavy; I felt like paraphrasing Anchorman, that's all. They are tired. Finally we got us a heavier duty paddling practice. Instead of stopping every 10 minutes (which I must admit, can be quite nice) we pretty much paddled constantly for the entire hour. Typically, our practices consist of eased back paddling and stretches of hard paddling (kinda like fart-leks. Whoever coined that term was a genius. I'm pretty sure I spelled it wrong, but I don't care). I've taken to asking for more hard paddling when it's called out.


Coach: "Ok, let's do 40 hard paddles" or "Ok, 1 minute 30 seconds all out"

Me: "Why don't we make it 80!" or "Let's do 3 minutes!"

Coach: "All right!"

The rest of the boat: Assorted murmers, shouts to throw me overboard, lots of bitching and whining.

The girl behind me pointed out to the boat that "I'm not competetive! I do yoga!" Which is fine, but when she's slacking on the boat (as she is wont to do) the rest of us make up for it. Don't worry, I splashed her. "Accidentally", of course.

It's getting on to be time to study. Maybe some ramen first...

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