Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mas actividades 

Today was a day of firsts: My first day getting to work (at this job, anyway) by 8am. The first day since August of 2004 that I worked 8 hours! In fact, I worked almost 8 and a half hours! Pretty crazy. It wasn't too tough, since I had work to do. And will have plenty of work to do for a while to come. Not a bad thing, as long as it doesn't get excessive. This 8-hour day thing won't become a habit.

After dragon boating, I met up with a couple paddlers and their friends at a bar most of whose beer, if not all of their beer, is organic. Nicely rad. Cheap too-$2.50 royal pints during happy hour (which apparently it still was at almost 8pm). My friend and I got into an actual scuffle at the bar when the beer was ordered, as I wanted to pay and so did she. Our bags ended up pkerfluffle all over the floor and my wallet skittered into a far corner, signifying my defeat. Very sad.

In another first (first in a long time, anyway), me and A were playing games in the street. He had his frisbee handy and we tossed it around a while in the middle of a not-so-minro street. Not that it was busy; an occasional bus or van or Mercedes SUV (from whom we got a nasty look. Shoulda let the frisbee hit her) passed by. The only real danger we had was in me missing an errant toss from A, resulting in a digned up Mercedes sedan. Didn't happen, of course, because I can be speedy when I want to be. Not speedy enough to keep the disc from busting thru one of the outdoor tables. Ah well. No one cared.

Back home, the psycho-Kitty greeted me at the door and has been under my feet, attacking my feet or attacking wayward papers, doors and spiders all night. Makes it hard to get anything done when your feet are getting pawed at! Despite this hardship, I still managed to eat my ramen. Good times. Right now he's peering at me from the shelves next to the bed (where he starts his night). I'm waiting for him to attack my laptop. In a few I'll grab him and go to sleep.

But first....

El baile es en la universidad?

To counteract the Russian novel I decided to read during these beautiful sunny summer days (Cancer Ward, of all books. Yes, it is about a Cancer Ward, in the USSR (based on the author's experiences in a CW in Uzbekistan). No, it is not cheery at all.) I'm grabbing up the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for a little fun. Can't overwork the seriousness of things, right?

No famous people for me today. Only my ratty ass harassing my co-workers. See? I can still go sleepless and survive!

O'Doyle rules!

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