Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm not dead, just Weak Sauce 

Time for another new leaf to be overturned. I've been declared legally dead thanks to my neglect of this my sacred blog, riots over my silence have desecrated sacred sites and shut down cities, and my brain has atrophied. Not because of blog-lessness. Just because.

Time to return to the fold. Since nothing exciting seems to happen anymore (to me. Sort of) I've delayed boring the world with my lunatic ravings. Well, enough of that hogwash. Let's get this going again

First, I'll post a picture taken on my 30th bday. Yes, some do exist and I finally got a copy of one! Also, I spent Sunday hanging out with my rock star Little Brother and his cavalcade of famous friends. Those stories need retelling. It was a day that wore me out for quite a while. I tell ya-what a lifestyle they lead!

These fun things will come. However, the oven just beeped indicating its readiness for use. My tater tots will soon be cooked!

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