Monday, July 31, 2006

Hoy es lunes 

Which means that the weekend is over and that I am at work now, toiling away with the rest of you working stiffs. Well, maybe I'm not toiling away just yet, but I'm drinking my coffee. That's a start.

For those of you stuck in the heat wave striking a lot of the country-ha! It's nice here. 60 degrees for the ride to work and a high of 80 projected for today. Not too shabby.

Although the heat would have come in handy over the weekend. I went camping! And hiking! Finally! It was great. But due to the lack of heat, no swimming transpired. Sad, but there will be other times.

Yes, camping! Ah! I'd forgotten how cleansing you are! Campfires, stars (until the clouds roll in), good conversation and new friends, scary stories leaving poor Liz unable to wander into the bush to pee....good times. I'll post a picture later. I don't have it here.

That was Saturday to Sunday. Friday night I was supposed to go to a potluck, but due to circumstances beyond my control I arrived home too late to go. I met up with a guy from work at the Rogue Brewery for happy hour and didn't get home until...after happy hour. Oops.

Still not awake. I'm working on my vow to return to witticisms and something coherent and worth reading on here. Let me get some more coffee and see what I can come up with...

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