Sunday, July 23, 2006

A close call or an open door? 

Last Friday at noon, the finals were held for our inter-office pool tournament. People gathered on the 4th floor to eat some free food and drink some free soda while the last two guys in the tournament duked it out for the largest of the small trophies. Cool stuff, really. A nice way to meet more people in the company, not to mention an excuse to muck around for an hour.

While standing there watching the game, soda in one hand and some grapes and corn chips in the other, I looked at the man standing next to me on my left. He was an older guy and it only took me a second to realize who it was. It was our company's founder and namesake! Cool that he showed up and I toyed with introducing myself to him (he's a nice friendly very involved man) but held back for two reasons.

1. To me it would have seemed a suck-up maneuver. "Hi there, Dave. I'm Corey. Hell of a pool tournament your wonderful company puts on. Good spread to. Are there any company policies against leaving here with my pockets full of food? Haha! Just kidding! No, really....."

2. My attire. Perhaps I'm coming loose at the hinges (tho the guy on my right was wearing flip-flops), but I am getting closer and closer to not caring. Not really, anyway. On this given day I was wearing jeans and a black concert t-shirt. Alexisonfire-there's a coffin at the bottom and some amoeba/spermy looking ghouls rising up out of it. This shirt also does nothing to hide the tattoo on my left arm (Dave's side). Fortunately my jeans were clean(ish) and my shoes not too tattered. My hair had been brushed at some point in the week prior and I only had a couple/few days of stubble.

Suffice it to say, I was not looking what some would say was my best.

We didn't meet. But that day will come. Oh yes, it will come.

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