Monday, June 12, 2006

We are the (almost) champions! 

Wooha! Gonna have to make this another short one because I have to scurry off to work.

Yesterday the Castaways took second place in the B division!! This is the best the team has finished, maybe ever? It was great. The final race almost became full contact; the team next to us wandered over into our lane and we were fighting their wake while trying not to smash into them. The finish for 2nd/3rd was of the photo variety, and 10 minutes later they announced that we got 2nd! Very exciting. There was an awards ceremony and everything, and I have a medal to hang up somewhere.

That was the first competition I've participated in in a long time. Very exciting. In 2 weeks there is another down in Salem. I can't wait!

Go Castaways!

(more picture later when I get some)

Who da man? You da man! Way to go. You are the first LOSER! j/k

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