Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Jim is tired tonight. It's been a long, very pproductive day. Woke up early (for me), went to my coffee shop to have some caffeine and take care of some homework. That done, I headed off to work on my newly refurbished bike (another new part later, and she's up and running. Which is good. I was informed today that if I hadn't a working bike, I would not be able to stand up as Best Man for my friend's marriage to her bike).

Work went. Hours later I played a few games of pool before settling in for a couple of hard-working hours of paddling. As if that was not enough, I then had to get back on my bike and pedal home! I know, it's rough being me.

Laundry got done, so did the dishes, I've done some reading and have obtained several podcasts to assist me in improving my spanish.

Overall, this was a pretty boring day of the beast. 6/6/06 and I didn't even crash my bike.

Only thing left to do is go to sleep

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