Monday, June 19, 2006

Living large 

This past weekend I got just what I needed. After practice on Saturday morning, C and I got in the Gold Saturn and drove out to Nehalem Bay, a neat little town on the Pacific Ocean (that's the ocean that touches Hawaii, Fiji, Asia...not that I was thinking about that at all....really). Instead of staying in town, we headed to the state park to our reserved digs for the night-a yurt! I wasn't expecting to be roughing it, but I had no idea the luxury I was in for! I'll download the pics later, but for now, a description.

It was in a campground, unfortunately, with lots of screaming kids (who fortunately go to sleep early). But the campground abuts the beach. Very cool. The yurt itself? Well. The first detail to hit me (because it was the first one I came to) was the firepit, then the roof overhanging a picnic table on a small deck. Inside was a bunkbed, the lower bed was at least a double mattress. A futon. A table and chairs. Lights and a heater. Pretty swank, if you ask me.

That day and the next (Sunday, it be) were quite lazy. A quick snack on the blustery chilly beach was followed by a 2-hour nap. Soon after was a dinner, fire (I got a box of strike anywhere matches. They are the best! For some reason, however, lighting a match on my teeth failed to impress), some wine and then more sleeping.

Sunday dawned gray but nice. We walked around the small beach town of Manzanita which was quite cool. Contrary to what we expected, they had plenty of organic, fair-trade, local granola-y goodness all over town. But no where to eat. No matter, the nice girls in the coffee shop directed us to Wanda's a couple miles down the road which served up the best (and only) huevos rancheros I've had in a long time.

Cool weekend. A nice relaxing almost 2 days which was very much needed.

To top it off, after work today I went and sat in a hot tub for about 40 minutes before a massage and more hot tub time! Very cool. A nice small place down the street. The lady working over my back was amazed at the plethora of knots dotting my back and shoulders. "A desk job" I told her. She laughed. Sort of

In a short bit it's off to the airport to pick up a visiting friend. Hoora!

Better go get dinner started...

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