Friday, June 09, 2006

"I've got worms. That's what we're gonna call it" 

It's true. In the front closet of the house, down among random backpacks and shoes and other assorted items with no real home, lies a large plastic tub. Inside this tub is some wetted and wadder newspaper, some dirt, compostable material....and some worms! That's right, I've got a worm bin in my house! It's awesome! Since there is no yard, making a compost pile is not feasible. Instead, one has been made inside. From it will come 'tea' which is great for plants as well as compost. Not to mention the reduced amount of garbage being put on the curb Sunday nights.

Have I posted about this? Probably. My memory is a bit stulted these days

Tomorrow is my first dragonboat race. We have 3 races tomorrow, I think. One at 10am, one at 4pm, and I think another one at some time. Hopefully we will do well and will get to race on Sunday for medals and such. Very exciting. I have a designated camerawoman, so there should be some pictures to share come...some day after tomorrow. I think some of my friends are even going to come down and watch (the later race). Pray for sun! Carlin Nalley extraordinaire.

Hit up the coast yesterday for work. Very beautiful. Very beach-towny. A short stay, but a longer one is in the works for next weekend. A yurt has been reserved! How cool is that? Too bad it is in a campground. Car-camping in a yurt seems sacrilegious, but so it goes

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