Saturday, May 20, 2006

Worn out 

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I am feeling pretty worn out today! After months of, essentially, sitting on my ass all day, this week of extreme activity has left me run down!

Five days of work. Tough only because I've not had to think (in the manner necessary for this job) for a long time. Also, I've not had to be so social, with so many strangers, for such an extended period of time, for a very long time. That tuckered me out something fierce.

Add on to this the 3.6 miles or so I ride everyday to and from work (total of about 7.2 miles a day. Since I made the trip twice in one day and had practice today, I totaled about 43 miles for the week. Not counting a couple extra miles meeting people for lunch elsewhere in the city), the fact that my cube is on the fifth floor and I don't use the elevator, 3 paddling practices and one economics class (in which I had a test this week) and whew! A busy week!

Thank goodness I only went to one of the two paddling practices today. I would not have had enough gas for both.

At least when I ride it's leisurely and relaxing. Oh wait...not so much. I have yet to be able to convince my legs that they don't need to pump furiously all the way. Can't seem to relax. I did today though, on the ride back from practice. Part of that was due to my overall low energy level. Ah well!

Tomorrow, no exercise. Some walking around at a street art festival, but that's it. A nap in the park as well, if it's sunny again.

I could get used to this....

now we just need to get you a real bike. bianchi and de'bernardi. 2 of my favs.
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