Friday, May 19, 2006


Here it is Friday night, and I survived my first week of work! Well, you couldn't call all of it work, since I didn't have much actual work to do this week, but I had a routine of sorts! Good times. How was it? Good. Really good, actually.

This new attitude of mine seems to be helping tremendously (Yes, I know it's only been a week. Don't remind me). I even stayed 'late' today! I worked a total of 33 or 34 hours this week. Crazy, I know. Almost got in a game of pool. It was kinda rainy today, so I ate my lunch in our lounge, at a table by the window overlooking the Willamette. I was going to rack 'em when my food gave out, but some guy was sleeping (look for a nap tale from me soon) so I read instead. A couple guys came in and played anyway, so next time I know. Awesome!


It's strange being back in the white collar world. I don't live in it, haven't been in it for quite a while now. There's still a lot of things I don't like about it. But for now, I'll deal. I don't like feeling as though I'm stepping around poverty when I go to work. There are some folks who I think are living in the grassy area out front of our building. When I head in, it's as though I am walking around them, over them, whatever, to get inside to a 'safer' place. I don't like it. But as one friend of mine said (my little sis would agree with this), maybe they feel sorry for me! Heh. That's a thought. The area around my work is interesting. Lots of office type jobby people, and lots of homeless. Mingling. Riding home was a riot the other day: there were old dirty homeless men sitting around in the grass and sun topless, not far from dolled-up girls in bikinis.

My legs hurt. I've made the ride to/from the office 5 times this week, and I've only used the elevator twice (I'm on the 5th floor). Feeling healthy, it's true. I like it

Free breakfast again this morning, this time on the bridge over the River. The crowd (all 6 of them) thought it was pretty funny when I locked up my brakes upon seeing the "Free Breakfast" sign.

It feels very very good to be doing something, even if it's sitting in a cube reading manuals. I feel like I'm making forward progress again, which was much needed.

I ate too much dinner.

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