Monday, May 29, 2006

Plug in plug on tune it up 

Happy memorial day!

No bbq here. At least, not that I know of. The sun is attempting to peek out from behind the gray; we'll see if it's a success.

Think there might be a pirate festival down on the river. Another attempt being made to reduce global warning. Gotta love it! Did you know that (I think) Oregon adopted the Kyoto treaty stuff? As did Seattle and/or WA? (Call me on this if I'm wrong. I'm too overrested to do any research)? And guess what? No dire consequences!!

Slept too much last night. Again. Been doing that a lot this weekend.

Went wine tasting yesterday. That was a lot of fun. A buddy from CO was out and we and a couple of his friends sampled some ex-grapes. All around me seemed to be able to rank based on acidity and other stuff. Me? I tried to get more than my fair share (to make it more worth the price in my book). Already broke one of my glasses. Oops. The Willamette Valley was quite scenic and I enjoyed myself. Saw a dude in a flannel with torn off sleeves and a baseball cap with a fish hook stuck in it. That was awesome, and unexpected.

Ther lemur got loose last night, loping around the room, lofting lint and leces at me. All I said was lick me!

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