Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh man 

Had class tonight. Not bad, I suppose. The excitement I was feeling had nothing to do with the subject material (accounting? Can't say I see any excitement there...). In fact, I think it was an excess amount of caffeine that had me jumpin'.

But that's not the point of my story. Today was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm. I got to class early and was sitting on a bench reading some Salinger (awesome awesome), enjoying the peace and quiet of the 'quad' and the warm sun splashing upon my face.


A lady from class sat down next to me, and proceeded to talk at least 100 miles an hour to me about....I'm not even sure what, as I could only hear about half of what she was saying and wasn't really listening to the other half. I do know that she told me that I was quite personable for an engineer (not sure how she could tell, as there were no pauses in her rambles for me to get more than a word or two in), that I looked like a surfer (?!) and that I must be left-handed because my watch was on my right arm. Um, ok...

The lecture part of class ended early, and we broke up into groups of four to work on homework. Chatty Lady was in my group of four as was the hottest girl in class and Chatty Man. Chatty Man sat next to me (sneaking Hot Girl's seat. We don't have assigned seats, but we've been sitting in the same ones for weeks now...) and he is nuts. Almost constantly talking, loudly, about irrelevant things. As we tried to work on the homework the guy NEVER stopped talking. Rambling, repeating, rambling some more, and making a ruckus. Chatty Lady had her homework done and was 'assisting' us with ours. Nice, but the combination of her and Chatty Man made for loud incomprehensible noise. Basically, I worked on my own and tried to work across the Chatties with Hot Girl who seemed to be a bit struggly. I struggled also-to not choke myself over the noise (I'd been having problems all class. People were not something I felt like being around, nor did I feel like being in class. Feeling a bit hermitish you might say. Noise does not help a closing throat....).

Finally, the class ended and I ran away.

My burrito dinner was very nice. I finished a crossword while I ate, giving me that sense of accomplishment that's been so lacking! Sad, sad...

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