Monday, May 15, 2006

No problem! 

Day 1 = Success

Well, despite the incessant nightmares and the crappy night of sleep I got last night, Day 1 at the New Job went just fine! I wasn't even late! Not that there is any certain time I am supposed to arrive...

I arrived at the office around 830am, looking good and feeling pretty good (except for the riled up stomach. That only made for uncomfortness for a couple of hours.). Withoutt too much trouble I found a place to park and found my new desk. Very quickly, I settled in. Sort of. A staff meeting started the day (I didn't fall asleep!) and was followed by a couple of hours with HR, filling out forms and such. That was....fun? Really, it wasn't too bad because me and another new guy were sitting in a small conference room on the 7th floor with an eastward view (clear morning). Got to check out the mountains, the river and all the out door goodness while we chatted and got down to work. Lunch was free, and eaten during a marketing meeting at which I fessed up to having returned to work due to overwhelming brokedness. The crowd laughed. Me too.

The rest of the day was pretty unbillable. Drummed myself up some work, got a tour of the building....yeah, let's discuss that! What a place! Pretty much the entire 8 floor building is this company. Rad. On the fourth floor is the coolest breakroom I've ever had access to: lots of windows looking out over the river and mountains. Microwave, couches, comfy chairs, fridge...and a pool table and ping pong table! How awesome is that?!?! Yeah, I'll take advantage of that.

But I ain't done yet. Me and the lady I believe is my boss disussed my hours. She asked how many I was thinking I'd like to work. I said 32. She said ok....yes!! Granted, there will be times when work will pile up and I'll have to work 40 or so, but 32 (or so) was approved!! Right on! Might have to set myself up with a 4 day work week....hehe

Now I am home. And am meeting some friends for happy hour to celebrate. Overall, not a very rought day at all.

Further-not only was this hopefully the last day I'll wear a tie, but I also plan on it being one of the very few days I drive in. A 25 minute or so ride, only a little shorter by car. Gotta use the lockers and showers they provide. Don't want to waste them!

Let's see how rough tomorrow is...

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