Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I thought this was a short week? 

Oh man. Yesterday was supposedly Tuesday, yeah? Well, the way the day started off, it was an uphill battle to convince me that it wasn't Monday.

After oversleeping my alarm clock (didn't even hear it), I ran around getting ready in an attempt to make it to work before my staff meeting. In the process of rushing about, I broke one coffee mug and 4 plates. Don't ask. I'll just say that a squirrel, dishsoap and an especially raunchy David Allen Coe song were involved. It was messy.

Finally I made it out the door. On my back was my backpack, filled with goodies such as engineering books and my work clothes. And my lunch. And a fun book to read while eating the aforementioned lunch. It was a load. No worries, I'm a young buck (I am!) and the ride was flawless for a small portion of its length. A few blocks into my ride the Monday Curse kicked in. My right peddle broke off and I spilled onto the street, rolling under a lifted F-250 whose muffler was kind enough to snag me and arrest my progress. Regaining my feet, I collected my bike and its parts from the street and started hoofing it home.

Covered in grease and becoming increasingly late, I once again rushed around, dressing now in my 'good' clothes. Clean, enough, I got in the trusty Saturn and tore away.

Only to run out of gas a block from the gas station (which was fortunately a crowd-free downhill coast away).

Finally I made it to work, only to learn that there was no staff meeting. Just as well, I was late.

Thank the FSM the week is half over.

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